In the world of small turned components, the constant ensuring of the products quality is a crucial aspect to satisfy the qualitative needs of our customers. In this article we are going to explore how our company commits to reach the qualitative standards request by customers throughout a responsible and specialized team.

Our certifications

The ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 certifications are not mandatory, but optional.
We have implemented a system that aims to ensure the perfection in qualitative, environmental and energetic areas.

  • ISO 2001:15 certification (quality)

    The quality of the products and services we offer satisfy our customers’ contractual requirements, preventing non-conformities in every production step (from the contract to the shipment of the finished product).

  • ISO 14001:15 certification (environment)

    With this certification we not only track our environmental impact but we also commit to verify our suppliers’ throughout the request of certifications and/or carrying out audits on the processes in their sites.

    We must learn how to respect the ecosystem, combining individuals’ efforts with the ones made by the whole community we work in.

Control of the products:

In our machine park for the quality control there are both avant-garde tools and standard gauges and rings.

The control of the products is always carried out with constantly calibrated and monitored instrumentations thanks to the partnership with Tamburini Group, leader in the construction of control gauges and rings and a constant collaboration with the production plants of the tools.

PPAP documentation

Our team is able to issue a lot of documents regarding the quality control.
From simple reports about measurement to the more complex level 2 PPAP.

The dedicated team

Our team is composed by three high-qualified and passionate people, who put maximum effort and experience into the quality control process.

Each member of the team plays a specific role during the quality control process ensuring a 360° overview of the process steps and an accurate control of every detail.

This synergy allows us to promptly identify and solve occasional problems and to ensure the quality expected by our customer.


Giordano Guerrini

CEO at Guerrini Valerio - Torneria Automatica


Damiano Lucchini

Quality Management System Manager at Guerrini Valerio - Torneria Automatica


Amrit Singh

 Quality control officer at Guerrini Valerio - Torneria Automatica