Experts in high-precision bar turning of all metal materials.

The Torneria Automatica Guerrini Valerio specialises in the high-precision bar turning of metal pieces.

Since its birth, about 40 years ago, the company has distinguished itself for its outstanding versatility and ability to read the market, combined with its commitment to meet the operating needs of customers. Past, present and future often intertwine in the history of this company.  The knowledge and experience of the founder are gradually being transferred to the new generation, who work alongside the Founder with consistency and dedication, combining the expertise acquired over time with the increasing desire for innovation.

The result of this growth path is a young, competitive and cutting-edge structure that is able to cope with the complexities of a transversal market and to compete at an international level.

Today Torneria Automatica Guerrini strives for perfection in terms of offering customers efficiency, technical knowledge and quality.